Sunday, 21 September 2008

London South at Party Conference

London South is going to Party Conference.

Having been sold out for the last number of weeks this really will be the event of the year.

If you're going and want to catch up with us then these are the few drinking events that we will be at:

Saturday 27th September: CF Evening Drinks Reception
Sunday 28th September: Salisbury Lunch
TRG Conference Cocktail Party
CF Discussion on the CF Reforms
CWF Midnight Drinks Reception
Monday 30th September: CF 10th Anniversary Drinks Reception
Tuesday 31st September: YBF Conference Fringe Debate and Drinks Reception
London Drinks Reception
TB's Party

Also throughout the conference The Freedom Association is hosting a mini-conference called The Freedom Zone. Details can be found here:

Conservative Future Reforms

To all members in London South:

Conservative Future National Management Executive passed some reforms last week which will change CF significantly. The link is here:

Make sure that you comment with your ideas as it is good to have a consultation even if it is after the proposals have been voted through!

My thoughts:
1) I agree that the CF structure needs to change in order to be more efficient.
2) Expenses are an excellent idea and I hope that these are available to every elected position.
3) I do not agree that Area Chairman should be 'optional'. They should either agree to scrap them or keep them. Ambiguity does not help anyone.
4) Equally CF is a democratic youth organisation so the mere fact that the only definitive vote will be for the National Chairman is ludicrous. The document states under Regional co-ordinator and 'optional' Area Chairman; 'election undecided'
5) All elected positions in CF cannot under any circumstances be appointed.
6) As elections cost CF £15,800 this should not be used as an excuse to suggest that it is cheaper and cost-effective to appoint Regional Co-ordinators and Area Chairman.
7) If the NME are ineffective how does replacing them with Regional Co-ordinators change this?
8) Well done to Michael Rock and the rest of the NME for throwing out ABB's proposal of appointing the National Chairman and scrapping the one member, one vote system as this really was an outrageous proposal and is what the Labour Youth Movement do.

Monday, 15 September 2008

London South Campaign in Croydon

The London South team headed to New Addington in the Croydon Central constituency to help PPC Cllr Gavin Barwell. We canvassed many household and recived a very warm reception on the doorsteps with many new people saying they will vote Conservative at the next election.

Thanks Max Lit, D.E.G, Ben Howlett and Richard Holloway for making a special effort to attend despite the heavy night beforehand!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Come and support Gavin in his marginal seat this Saturday

This Saturday Croydon Conservative Future is hosting a campaign day in the marginal constituency of Croydon Central.

Meeting point is East Croydon station at 10am and from there we'll travel to our campaign location via tram!

We'll stop for free lunch and drinks and then campaign again in the afternoon from 2-4pm.