Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Croydon CF meet IDS...

Last Thursday Croydon CF members attended Lucy and Andrew Pelling's Summer Buffet with The Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP as the guest speaker. It was an excellent event and Simon, Paul, Chris, Robert and myself all won prizes on the raffle- we were all very lucky!

Afterwards we all ended up in Croydon and went to the Green Dragon followed by Walkabout. Unfortunately no one sung as it was 'Karoke Night' in Walkabout but there's always next time!

Thanks to Lucy Pelling for organising such an enjoyable evening for us all.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Buffet Dinner

Lucy and Andrew Pelling MP are hosting a Summer Buffet Dinner with The Rt. Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP next Thursday 14 June.

If you would like to attend and I haven't already heard from you please contact me via this website or at my e-mail address:

Event: Summer Buffet Dinner
Host: Lucy and Andrew Pelling MP for New Addington Conseravtives
Location: The Addington Community Centre, Central Parade, Croydon
Time: 7.30pm for 8pm
Entry: £12

Guests: Iain Duncan Smith MP and Andrew Pelling MP
Extras: Auction, raffle, wine and food provided

New Members....

Croydon CF welcomed Sarah, Andy, Dan, Al and Steve into the branch. Here they all are having a laugh!

Croydon CF Drinks Evening

Last night Croydon CF hosted an 'informal' drinks evening in the Green Dragon pub. This turned out to be a huge success as the The Hon. Vice President Cllr Simon Hoar won the pool tournament which meant that we got £30 worth of free drinks!

We also welcomed new members; Andy, Steve, Dan, Al and Sarah. All five are excellent as they are enthusiatic and enjoyed the discussions last night as well as the banter!

London South CF Welcomes Castaway's 'Big Al'

A big welcome from London South CF to Big Al. As you're all probably aware I was on Castaway with fellow contestant Alister Cooling (AKA Big Al). Over the course of the two months we became best friends and had lots of discussion and debate about politics.

As a result he has now joined Conservative Future and he attended his first function last night with Croydon CF at their drinks evening in the Green Dragon pub!

Croydon CF in Channel 4 documentary

Channel 4 commissioned a series of short films and one of them was entitled, 'Make me a Tory'. This film was directed by Daniel Cormack who went around the UK to 'investigate' Conservative Future. His challenge was to see if he could be persuaded to vote Conservative at the next general election.

He came to Croydon to meet the CF members and myself. Look at this link to watch it and for more info: