Thursday, 14 December 2006

18 Doughty Street

I was invited by Iain Dale to appear on 18 Doughty Street with Alice (a fellow CF activist) and Alex (an ex-Labour candidate).

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A new CF branch....

Two weeks ago I was invited by Bob Neil MP to attend his constituencies Annual Dinner.

It was a wonderful evening and I was pleased to meet several active CF members there. The Rt Hon William Hague MP was the guest speaker and I now know why people will pay the high prices for his after dinner speeches!

He was amazing and kept us all entertained with his jokes about Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

In the next coming months Bob Neil, his Association and myself will be planning effective ways on how we can increase CF membership and activity in this ward. Even though Bromley and Chistlehurst is a safe Consertive seat we can never relax and sit back- we must continue to work hard and campaign here.

Watch this space for the launch party of Bromley and Chistlehurst CF group.....